An accessible site for the third-age population
The goal of the new site is to make it accessible to the third-age population, which is trying to adapt and integrate into the digital world in which our lives are conducted today.

The project was carried out as part of third year project,
Design Studio - Interrelationship Between Space and User, in cooperation with the "Clalit" Health Fund clinic in Jerusalem's Ir-Ganim neighborhood.

I chose to focus on one of the main insights that came up following the research; the need to create order in queues and to enable the third-age population to manage their medical needs in a simple and efficient manner, which facilitates the patient and the staff of the clinic.

Today, all the services we consume have become digital, and the range of possibilities is only widening. For people who have not taken part in the digital revolution, it is not always easy to integrate into this world.

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