A verity of meals presentation. The dishes are adapted to different stages of the process, to the various quantities and to many types of food.


A smart support system that helps prepare, recover, and return back to routine of bariatric surgery (obesity treatment).
The goal of the system is to increase the chances of successful weight loss while maintaining a healthy weight for the long term after bariatric surgery.

The project was developed along with medical professionals and patients.
The study's outcome is a system that addresses one of the central problems of the Western world - obesity. Its development, including an in-depth reference to the relationship between the patient and his family, the interface points with the medical system and dietary habits.

The role I took on myself as a designer in this project is to examine how I can help to impart healthy habits and assimilate them to the patient's lifestyle. This will be made of choice and will remain with him for the rest of his life.

The system includes dinnerware, app and a bag. All designed according to the instructions of the professionals I worked with and according to the needs of the patients.

My final project

The application's role is to serve as a tool through which the process can be managed, used a source information to the user, and also a communication channel with the professionals accompanying the process.


Thermal bag for keeping your food cold / hot for a daily use, washable and durable.
The bag contains all the food items along with other items such as an apple, yogurt cup and more.
It is easy to carry and does not have the distinct appearance of a lunch bag.

System Usage Scenario

Interview in Channel 10's Health show